The Hazel (botanical name: Corylus Avellana) is a plant belonging to Betulaceae family. It is a shrub of medium size – usually reaches 3 meters in height – and it is very adaptable, it can stand winter cold, so that it begins to bloom in this season.

It is from Asia Minor, its appearance dates back to prehistoric times. Its spread in Europe began after the last ice age – about 10,000 years ago – by Greeks and Romans. The epithet “AVELLANA” comes from Avella, an ancient Roman town in the province of Avellino.


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Italy is one of the leading producers around the world. The regions where it takes on greater importance are Campania, Lazio, Piedmont, Liguria and Sicily.

In Sicily it grows almost exclusively in Nebrodi mounts – with a cultivated area of 13,000 hectares – where they produce a product with low yields but high in quality compared to the same product from other parts of Italy and other countries. It grows almost spontaneously over 600 meters above sea level.

The fruit is a diclesio (hazelnut and housing), which woody pericarp contains a sweet and oily fruit (hazelnut). The pericarp, that is initially greenish and brown in maturity, is partially covered by a foliaceous involucre. Inside there is seed, it is edible, of crunchy texture. It can be consumed fresh, but in most cases it is consumed dried.



Sicilian product available in both organic and conventional

hazelnuts in shell
shelled hazelnuts
roasted hazelnuts


(other packages or custom packages on request)

big bag of 500 kgs. or 1.000 kgs.
poly bags of 25 kgs.
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vacuum bags of 2,5 kgs. or 1 kg.
doypack of 500 grs.
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