Dried fruits are an elixir of goodness and well-being: “Hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios can eat in quantities … of course not overdo it!”

Are countless scientific studies that debunk one of the most common clichés of these foods, loved by many but kept away from those on a diet. The conclusion of this analysis is that the dried fruit consumption is not associated with an increased risk of obesity even in the long term. Among other things, dried fruit being rich in fiber gives a deep sense of satiety and satisfaction of the palate.

The important thing is to eat it in the right quantities and in substitution rather than in addition to other foods. Also because it is good for health: a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that include in our daily diet moderate amounts of nuts, almonds or pistachios prolongs life by reducing by 29% the risk of cardiovascular disease.




The nuts have a high fat content and a lot of calories, but unsaturated fats – the so-called “good fats” – so not harmful to health. Unsaturated fats help protect the cardiovascular system from diabetes, obesity and hypercholesterolemia. The dried fruit is rich in many vitamins: A, E, C, K and also a good source of fiber.

Almonds are rich in high quality oils (oleic and linoleic acid) which help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good (HDL).


According to a recent study also dried fruit, should not be missing in our Mediterranean diet. The benefits are many, ranging from constipation to counter the reinstatement of important nutrients that are lost sweating: so it is very important for athletes.

It also plays a beneficial action on the liver (detoxifying), can be a cure-all for the hair: in fact the use of almond oil can be useful against damaged hair, reduces dandruff. The only attention should be paid to the allergenicity: it is important to know not to be allergic to any variety of nuts, and still vary the type ingested.

Pregnant dried fruit can fall safely in food, although one must be careful with that oily, because it is rich in glucose and can cause gestational diabetes.