The pistachio (botanical name: Pistacia Vera) is a tree of Anacardiaceae family. It can reach a height of about 10 meters with high and thick foliage and it can live for 300 years.

It is from the Middle East, where it was already cultivated in prehistoric times. Arabs, for first, introduced it in the West. Its fruit is a drupe with an oval endocarp with thin and hard shell, which contains the edible seed, it is commonly called “Pistachio” and it is bright green under a purple skin.

These seeds, that are characterized by elongated shape, can be consumed natural or peeled.


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Sicilian pistachio is famous and appreciated, it is cultivated at altitudes between 300 and 800 meters on the slopes of volcano Etna. The pistachio of Bronte is known throughout the world for its emerald green color and the intense taste that make it unique in the world with its sweet taste that fruit produced elsewhere not have.

The pistachio is also cultivated in a way that makes it unique, because one year “produces” and a year “rest” and during this last, the producers eliminate the few gems that are grow over the branches so the plant can store all the energy to explode the next season.



Sicilian product available in both organic and conventional

shelled pistachios
peled pistachios


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